On 30 September 2023, Le Progrès invites you to participate in the first inter-company multi-sports challenge in France and Switzerland, in Lyon on the L'Atol site. 💪

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Hello Lyon ! 👋

This year, the Company Cup Lyon is back! This event offers everyone the opportunity to get together and take part in a sports weekend centred on the values of corporate well-being and sport.

We are pleased to invite you to the first inter-company multi-sports challenge in France, the Company Cup Lyon, on 30 September 2023.

Our brochure will enable you to discover all the sports and activities on offer during this sporting, festive and friendly day.

Get ready for the unique experience of the Company Cup !




All the answers to your questions

The largest inter-company multi-sport challenge in France, which brings together more than 5,400 participants in Annecy. In 2023, the Company Cup will be organised in Nyon for the third edition, Annecy for the tenth edition and Lyon for the second edition.

This year, the Company Cup Lyon will be held on 30 September 2023.

Yes, all they have to do is go directly to our online shop via this link to buy their entry.

We advise you to buy your tickets in advance, as only 100 tickets will be available for sale during the day on Saturday, in the Company Cup Village. There will be no sales on site in the evening.

Free parking for participants is available.

Free shuttle buses will also be available to take you to the event. Under no circumstances should you park near the village or on the pavements, as this may block access for emergency services and the start/finish of the race.

For the safety of the participants, it is essential that the participants present us with a medical certificate of “no contraindication to the practice of the chosen sport in competition” and dated less than one year before the day of the competition.

It is essential that the words “in competition” and the chosen sport are indicated. For example, a certificate of non-contraindication for football in competition cannot be accepted if the person is registered for handball or trail running.

We advise you to download and use our pre-filled certificate template to facilitate your registration.

A valid competition licence in the relevant federation can replace the medical certificate.

Please note that football licences (as with other sports) are valid until 30 June, so we need the following year’s licence to accept them.

FSGT licences are not accepted as they are omnisport licences and not for a specific sport.

There is no minimum requirement! You can enter from 1 to as many people as you like, in one or more sports. You may not be represented in all sports, but you may have several people/teams in one sport. Please note that for the Dragon Boat a maximum of 2 boats per company is allowed, subject to availability.

When you enter teams in a team sport, it is essential that the teams are complete. The organisation itself does not form teams with several companies.

Certain combinations of sports are possible, which may change depending on the edition. We talk about sports that can be combined during the event. For the other disciplines, a participant can only register for one sport, as it is played over the whole day.

All participants will be automatically registered for the pentathlon.

All events are free of charge, but we ask that all accompanying persons wear a “supporter” badge. You can collect this badge from your company if it has one or directly from the Village Info Point. Free entertainment for young and old will be provided during the event.

Any registration received by the organisation and subsequently cancelled by the client will be reimbursed subject to the following cancellation fees

  • 2 months and more before the event: 50% of the amount of each individual registration
  • 60 to 30 days before the event: 70% of the amount of each individual registration
  • The month before the event: 100% of the amount of each individual entry

Any change of sport by a participant less than one month before the event will be charged €10 excluding VAT, subject to availability.

You can find the provisional programme of the event in the presentation brochure.